"I hate doing these political events," Felix said adjusting his suit coat. 

"You know our orginization is on the line," Sarah teased him while putting in her earrings.

"I just hate being her dog," adjusting his tie and cuff links.

"You never felt that way about Cynthia."

"Cynthia is different though," choking a little bit.

"Not really, both captains and command a certain amount of authority."

"Well one of the biggest differences is I'm not sleeping with Valerius," chuckling to himself.

"Well you are more of a drunk now anyways," Sarah nudged his arm and chuckled.

"And you aren't any less of a salty bitch," opening the door and heading out to the carriage waiting for them.

A half hour later they were on the luxury frigate. After mingling for awhile and discussing politics and presenting their case for keeping the ghost's around, Felix found himself on the top deck. Zane walked up and placed his hand on Felix's shoulder, "I am quite impressed with your argument. I will do what I can." when felix turned it was just Valerius standing behind him. Zane slipping into the crowd. Valerius approached him, "From the sound of things they are looking to integrate your corps with ours, making it part of our special operations department."

"Hopefully. I hate to think of the alternative," He shuddered and took a sip of whiskey. 

Leaning on the rail next to him, "We will get it figured out."

"You know Amy, if you knew what I was you wouldn't be trying to get so close," sipping his whiskey and scanning the water.

Valerius let out a sigh, "Sometimes I wish I knew the lengths of training and hell you have been through, but I also am scared of those parts of you too."

"As you should be."

"We all have our demons, if you need anything please let me know," giving a warming  soft smile.

"Don't stress about me."

"Just don't go off the deep end, given the history of your group, I will kill you if you lose it," Sipping her wine.

He chuckled and jumped off the side of the boat.

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