College papers come with quite many requirements.  You are also required to follow some set instructions. You will be required to follow the instructions given to you by your professor strictly. There are some mistakes that when done can seriously cost you good grades. I have discussed some of the most crucial don’ts to keep in mind while writing your college essays.

Don’t plagiarize. This should go without saying. Never steal someone’s ideas and pass it as your ones. Copying someone’s work is a crime. It can not only cost you good grades but also land you in trouble.  Come up with your original work. However, if you want to illustrate a point, ensure you cite and reference your sources. Acknowledging the original author of your sources is good.   There are a lot of in-text citation generators.  A reliable in text citation generator will help you to cite your work with ease.

Don’t overuse idioms and clichés.  Avoid using clichés at all costs. Try to reduce the number of idioms in your essays. Say what you want to say directly. Overuse of idioms often comes out as being cocky, or an attempt to increase your word count. Besides, you want the professor to understand your work with ease. There is no need to use complicated phrases. Keep your work simple.

Don’t exceed the word limit. Keep in mind the word limit while writing. Your number of words should not be a lot fewer than the expected word limit.  Fewer words give the impression that you did not research thoroughly, or you lack interest in your work. Exceeding the word limit implies that there is a lot of fluff in your work. Just ensure you are within the given word limit.

 Don’t rely on online software to proofread your work.  You should personally proofread your work before and after using the online software.  The software won’t capture all the mistakes. For instance, the spell check would detect spelling mistakes but will not recognize misused homophones.  This is why you have to proofread your work personally. If you feel like you cannot capture all errors, I would recommend you to ask a third party to help you remove any flaws in your work. You could ask a friend or your parent to proofread your work for you.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Start preparing for the essay as soon as it’s given to you. When you start working on it in the last minutes, you will be anxious and tensed. Working in haste will force you to leave out some crucial information. You want to capture every vital detail in your work.

Avoid the errors discussed above at all costs since it can affect your performance in assignments.  To avoid such mistakes, it’s ideal that you start working on your assignment when you still have enough time. However, if you lack the time and skills to come up with an essay that would reflect none of the mistakes above, I would recommend you to hire a professional essay writer.  Writing services hire a pool of skilled individuals with extensive experience in academic writing. They have free citation generators as well.

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