"Felix, you have served us well. The only thing is there have been several incidents since we rescued you from your captors. I know they did some horrible things but the incidents keep happeneing," The commander said looking out the window, overlooking london.

"We can figure out the source of this, it won't be that hard," attemping to bargin with Commander Valerius.

"Felix, we both know you aren't in a right mentality to do the mission at hand," she sternly replied.

"I'm fine," he gave her with a flat affect.

"No you aren't. Now that is why I am ordering you to take some shore leave," She turned around and slammed his file on the desk.



"Yes mam."

"Good now there is a dropoship waiting to take you back down to london," turning to face out the window again.

Felix headed down to the dropship. he passed a very strange guard. Giving it little thougt he boarded the dropship. He leaned back in the seat in the back. He felt the ship disconnect and begin to descend. He had his eyes closed for just a moment, until he felt a distict shaking. Second later the ship burst into a fire ball, plumetting towards london. Everything faded in and out to black. He would open his eyes and see burning metla raining down with him. He woke up to water surronding him as he washed up on the shore.

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