The bottle of bourbon lay empty next to her,

     Not a care on the world ...

     The bottle of rum lay empty on the desk,

     Gone...she's gone

     Never going back

     Never coming back

     Ara hiccupped with her cheek pressed against the wooden floor of the Rejected Gear.

     Charlotte groaned with her cheek pressed against the wooden surface of her desk.

     If Captain wanted her gone, that was fine. Who needs an annoying brat anyways? Now she could be a normal woman...

    That's  fine. She was probably waiting for a chance to leave from the moment she opened her eyes the night we saved her.

    She could go back to being a barmaid. She could change her name. Hell, maybe make enough money to get that flat in Boston...maybe just stay here.

  She could find a new first mate...Mercurian...maybe Fink or Marlow...


    Who's picking me up? "Come on now, mate."

    "Captain, let's get you to bed." .... "Thank you, Arabella." ..."It's Michelle, ma'am."

     "We have a nice hammock for you at the Nyctimene." ... "Captain?" ... "It's David. Charlotte isn't here."

     "She didn't even say goodbye. That's just rude." .... "I'm sure she'll be back, Captain."

    "Fucking put me down! Captain! Intruder! He's welding me in my room!" ... "Calm down, Ara."

    "I don't care if she comes back or not! She can join David's crew for all I care!"... "you don't mean that, Captain. You're drunk."

    "You're a fucking maniac!".... "Ara, you're piss drunk. calm down."

     "I do mean it. I mean e-e-e-every word."...."Alright Captain. Let's get these boot's off."

     "This isn't the widow. Where are we?".... "The P.A.S Nyctimene."  

     "I want to sleep in Arabella's bed tonight." ...."Just sleep here tonight Captain."

      Her cheek pressed against a soft pillow as she collapsed in to a hammock. Whispers being made around her as she could feel her feet in the air, the clunk of her boots on the floor.

      She felt her body collapse and her cheek hit the pillow, her feet aired out once her boots were off.


      Then she quickly

      Then she quickly













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