Arriving at the station, Dusten goes and asks for a ticket. Mick had given him a reaper's pass, which enables a reaper to travel on the train freely. The station master see's the pass and the tells him, '' you don't need a ticket boy, you got the pass, just hop on." Dusten 1st inspects the train, going to the head, where the locomotive was. Dusten was an engineer in his previous life, working for the W&A during the civil war, and as a supervisor for the newly built railway, the Wilmington & Weldon, in the his home state of North Carolina.

      Dusten in awe, at the locomotive, stood their, studying it. He inspected the valve gear, to the end of the tender. The engineer of the locomotive standing on top the tender, filling up the tender with water see's Dusten. The engineer ask's; "do you like what see there boy?" Dusten in response says; "I love it! I wouldn't mind running on these. What kind of engine is it?. "It's a new design from the Baldwin Locomotive Works. It's an 8-18c 4-4-0; do you want a cab ride sir" asked the engineer. "Hell yeah!"; responded Dusten. "Well hop up in the cab and I'll show you how it works". Dusten replied "No need sir; I was a locomotive engineer during the civil war and in the construction of the the W&W railroad in NC." In what year did you pass away" asked the engineer. Dusten responded and said, "I passed away from wasting sickness, in 1865." Dusten then in a angry tone said "after that harlot left me for a Union son of a bitch stole her from me; I will get my revenge."

     "Hold on boy. I recommend you don't take out vengeance. You'll become a ferry man like me." Dusten then replied "I just can't help it, I applied for the reaper position about a week ago. I've been here in purgatory for about 10 years; still holding on to my emotions of vengeance." "Son, you'll end up like me then, working as a ferry man, for the rest of time; you'll see no heaven, and you'll see no hell. You'll be stuck in Purgatory for ever." "Were you a reaper?" asked Dusten. "At one time, yes. But I let the anger get to the better of me. I was killed in 1860. I was fighting for my right to publish an artical about how the government was becoming overbearing. I was walking through an ally, and all of a sudden, 4 guys came out of no where and started beating me, and one large blow from a shot gun to the chest killed me. I signed up for  a reaping position, and took out my vengeance. I was then demoted, to only reap 3 days a week, and ferry the rest of the time. They also made it to where I have to stay here on the line for the rest of time. I don't recommend you do what I did."

      Dusten thinking, "Hmmmm, that doesn't sound too bad. I love working on locomotives.......It's not too bad here in purgatory either; it's just like home but with a little bit oddness". Dusten then said; "My name is Dusten by the way." The engineer then said, "I'm Bo'Dean." Suddenly the station master holler's "Alllll Aboard!" "Alrighty, get up here, we're about to leave." The fireman of the engine begins to ring the bell. The air pump starts up, making the a loud hissing sound and blasting steam out the stacking making a "chhhh chuuk chhh chuuk" sound. The fireman turns to Dusten and says "My name is Big Louie, I did the same damn thing Bo'Dean did." 

       "Hey Louie" said Dusten. Two loud sharp blast's of the whistle was sounded, and Bo'Dean released the brakes, and popped the throttle back and off they started. The engine barked and hissed as they left the station. Dusten noticing the water was low in the boiler hollered at Big Louie. "Open the injectors up, the water is low." Big Louie who had been day dreaming heard, and said "damn it, did it again!" Bo'Dean then laughs and says "He's thinking about his girl again haha." "Wait a minute? You can have sweetheart here?" Big Louie said "Yep. there are ex lady reapers here too you know. They did the same shit we did, so we are allowed to have a flame here." Dusten pondered the fact, "I don't think I'll love again." Bo'Dean goes "hell boy, you will, you just got to find the right person".

       All of a sudden, the engine dumped the air "that means the brakes were set to emergency." The train comes to a screeching hault. "Something has cut the air line!" hollerd Bo'Dean. The Brakeman comes running up to the cab with a blood running from his head "they cut the line" he said panting. "Who!" asked Bo'dean in a worried voice. "3 Black Souls." The Brakeman then passes out. What are Black Souls" asked Dusten. Big Louie in a low toned voice says " The evil people who were sent to hell, that have escaped." Bo'Dean yelled "Boy's get your cane's out. Time to whoop Black Soul's  some ass!"

Next part tomorrow I think

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Comment by Sgt. Ian MacBrooke on October 3, 2014 at 8:06pm

A bit confused and cluttered, though the imagery is fine like wine....

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