Oh...someone is listening to the droning of my voice...nice. I'm Sgt. Ian MacBrooke by the way. The bulk of the pertinent info you've already seen, at least from my stand point and should you continue to hang about and listen to an old codger throw his opinions and tales about, you'll see the rest.
     My time being well spent in Afrikka, I occasionally had the R&R a natural hunter needs to unwind. The natives and their objections not withstanding, I bagged quite a few of the armoured, wooly rhinos for the much needed 'bush meat' as well as the well known 'man-eaters' of Tsavo. Savages every one of them. We, meaning my regiment, pulled up stakes and moved north across the Isthmus of Suez, newly created by the Acme and Elsinore product wars. Dread times indeed...

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