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Him: Standing on the deck of my magnificent airship I check my trusty pocket watch. It's almost time to leave. Almost time to embark on a journey that could lead to untold riches. I pull a map from my coat pocket. I know this map like the back of my hand by now but in my nervous excitement I need to check it one last time. Sliding the map back it my pocket I turn around. I see you emerge from my cabin wearing only my white button up shirt. The shirt is only buttoned up part way, showing off your ample cleavage. The early morning sun is shinning through your blonde hair. You look at me with a sly smile. I walk over to you taking your hands in mine.........

ME: I take your hands in mine and slide them around my waist and to my full bottom. "I need you to touch my butt before we cast off...." I lay my head on your chest as I face the rising sun....

Him: I grasp your butt firmly pulling you into me. I kiss the top of your head then whisper in your ear. Is your butt good luck??

ME: I push you away and head back to the cabin to put on my clothes..... "Maybe. But I need coffee to really tell." I catch the eye of several of the crew mates as they snicker and pretend I don't have my legs fully exposed to the whole crew.

Him: I turn to look at the crew as they hastily go back to work. I smile and say, "we will be casting off in 30 minutes. Make sure this ship is in tip top shape!" This crew is the best of the best. I hand picked them. I will need their experience as we embark on this dangerous journey.

ME: I head back to our cabin and slide on my pants and boots. I hastily throw on a leather corset over your shirt and pull my hair up into a quick braid. I buckle a light weight sword around my waist and then head back up in deck...... as I slam open the middle door onto the deck of the ship I realize you are talking to a taller man who I have never seen before on ship. I eye ball him.......I don't like him from the second I see him. I don't like how he looks at me across the ship as I stride towards you. You start to introduce me.....

Him: Come over here, I want to introduce you to someone...... "This is Augustus, he will be my right hand man on this journey. I met him in a restaurant a few months ago." "Funny story... I walked in and noticed two men arguing. A fight broke out and I actually stepped in and saved Augustus's ass." Augustus and I chuckle a bit. Augustus speaks up and says, "I don't know about saving my ass but I'm happy you helped." I smile and say, "You're welcome, I'm glad I met you. Your stories of searching for lost treasure intrigued me. Your experience astounded me." I turn to you and say, "He has had some amazing adventures and I thought he would be a great fit for our crew"......

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Comment by Casey July on December 18, 2017 at 9:06pm
Comment by Casey July on December 18, 2017 at 8:58pm

Me:  I meal around on deck pretending to look for something and kick my boots against some barrels as I whisper harshly to myself. 

"I don't like this guy.... he is too..."  I look across the ship at Augustus..."He is too GOOD LOOKING." 

Brian walks towards me with his map in his hands and starts to ask me the same question for the one millionth time.  "How far did you say you thought this waterfall is?"  I look up at him.... his rich dark brown eyes search mine. I feel myself melt as he pushes the map towards me. I know he wants to do everything he can to balance out having an amazing adventure with keeping his crew, his friends, safe. 

"I think 3 days. If we fly I mean. But of course it will be longer by sea. There are storms this time of year...."  I slip my arm around his waist and squeeze him a little bit against me.   "We have been over this a million times baby. You got this!"

Brian smiles and rolls up his map. He tilts his head as one of the crew members yells across the deck to him. He blows me a kiss and then strides towards them. I watch as his pants stretch across his bottom. His gears and things hanging from his belt glitter in sunlight.  He is a shining example of a moral Steampunk Knight..... the billowing sails of his ship are like his white horse. 

Then Augustus scares the shit out of me when he speaks, "So you two are pretty serious?"  I look into his blue steal eyes.  They smile at me in such a way that I can't tell if he is making fun of me or not. 

"Yes..... we are!"  I turn my back on him and am back to kicking my barrels of rum and pickles.  It is my job to keep track of the provisions on the ship. 

"So have you given up your wicked ways?"  He slams into me as I grind to a halt. He is actually laughing at me now for real.....

"What do you mean?"  I turn and face him full height. Slightly lifting up on my on the toes of my boots to meet him as eye to eye as I can get.  

"Well, you know, some women make their way in the world by... STEALING STUFF..... just as bad as some men."  He steps closer to me. His whole chest touching mine.  I can feel his warmth through his leather vest.  

"I have no idea what you are talking about."  I turn quickly and begin to stride away.  

He grabs my arm and spins me around so that I am facing him full force. His fingers are pressing into my arm so hard my fingers being to tingle and my feet are lifting off the deck ever so slightly. "Do the words Shattered Silk mean anything to you?"   

I stare into his eyes without blinking or turning away. I have never been one to lie.  I stand as still as possible to not create much more of a scene on deck and Augustus, still holding my arm, lowers me back down so both of my feet are on the deck. 

"Yes."  I say with a whisper. "Yes"  He lets go of my arm and steps close again. 

"We need to talk, NOW!" 

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