Felix and Valerius stood on the bridge of the A.A.S. Trinity. "Fire up the warp drive," Valerius barked at the officers n the bridge. A low hum filled the air. "So Amy what is with this new warp drive you created? Is that what is so important about this ship?" Felix inquired, as he leaned on the railing on the command deck of the bridge. "You'll see. Engage the stealth drive." The hum grew louder with her command. With a flash of light they were in a different airspace all together. 

Checking his watch, "Where are exactly? Time isn't flowing on my watch."

She gulped, "Well we aren't entirely in our dimension. We are in Tura' Lu's domain."

"But he is dead." 

"Yes, but his realm and machinations still exist. Fire it up again!" The hum returned and another flash of light. 

"Now were are we?" Felix demanded.

"We are in your universe, the one you came from." Valerius stated.

"We need to leave this place now. I can't return to anyone of them here. I am dead to them and that is how it shall remain." His gaze stone cold and looking towards the floor.

"As you wish. Bring us home boys." with a final flash of light the ship was back in their dimension.

"You know I shouldn't let you have this." growling at her. "Amy, these past 8 months I have grown used to working with you, and actually quite having you as my CO. But," grabbing her collar and holding her face up to his. "stay out of my home dimension and be warned that playing with these kind of powers can be detrimental," letting her go she stumbled a little bit.

Composing herself and fixing the collar of her shirt, "I understand your concern, Alex. Trust my judgement. And I promise I will stay away from your dimension."

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