"What're you doing on the train, to the living?" asked Dusten. "She's being revived" said Big Lou. Bo'Dean then says "We need to hurry up and get her back, before her body starts to fall apart." This frightened the girl, she busted into tears. "Oh no, I'm never going to get to go home" she said in a very disheartened voice. Big Lou then replied softly "you are too going home. Remember, we say who lives and who dies." Bo'Dean goes "No hell we don't, the big man does." "Shut the hell up, she's not on the list" winking at Bo'Dean. 

         Bo'Dean then pulls Lou to the side. "You know damn well she's been gone too far long." said Bo'Dean in a frustrated whisper. Lou then replies "are you thinking what I'm thinking?"  At the same time, they both said "Necromancer." Bo'Dean then took control of the situation. Bo'Dean kneel'd down beside, and looked softly "Ma'am you're not going to be able to go to home." He then asked her what year it was. She replied "It's 1869, why do you ask?" "No Ma'm, it's 1875. Someone's trying to bring you back. That could explain the Dark Souls, that came after you." he said in a soft voice. "I don't understand why the black souls were after me" she said in a scared voice. 

      "When a Necromancer brings someone back, they open a portal that connects all three astral plains together, and that is how the black souls escaped hell." said Bo'dean. "That's why." Lou replied "I'm sorry but we have to head back, before more of the black soul's show up." 

      "What is your name miss?" asked Dusten in a soft voice. "I'm Sarah" said the young lady. The two ferrymen ran back to the head of the engine. Dusten, decided to stay behind, and comfort Sarah. Sarah was a very beautiful girl. Long red hair, greenish blue eyes, and scarlet red dress. She had an English accent, and was pale. She had a few tattoo's scattered about her body.

        She began to cry. "I know who is trying to bring me back" she said. Dusten looked into her beautiful eyes with compassion. "Who?" said Dusten. "Robert Hensson. My master." she said angrily. "Master?!" Dusten said in awe. "I was an Irish slave. Robert my master bought me in Celsson Rock." she began to break down even more. "he forced me to partake in his evil acts. He studied dark arts, he rapped me, beat, he is truly evil, now he won't let me rest in peace!" 

       Dusten was truly captivated by this woman and her ordeal she has gone through. "No, he won't take you back, I'll protect you." he said in a stern voice. "You can come back to Purgatory with me, and stay at my place." he continued to say. Sarah was troubled by this notion. " Why would you do that to someone you hardly even know?" she replied. "I don't know, there is something about your eyes that moves me. I may be dead but I do still have a heart." Dusten said confidently. "After I finish my first job, we'll head back to my place. I have an extra room and will accommodate you the best I can." he said. 

        Sarah still not knowing what to think of all this said "I don't know, how do I know I can trust you?" "You just have to have a little faith." he said with a smile. She smiled back and said "Ok, but just know, I can hold my own" Dusten laughed and said "That's alright by me."

        The train arrived at the end of the line. "Stay with Lou and Bo'Dean" said Dusten. He stepped off the coach and began to see the world in a new way.

Next part sometime soon. Hopefully.

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