The only time I went in to White Chapel during my pressgang was once when the Captain ad crew wasn’t there to stop me and I had to. Of course, I hadn’t any time to say hello to anyone which was my intention for going there but I guess that’s what you get for dragging a copper behind you.

      That was my first interaction with Thomas Dunning. He had been at the parliament building to discuss certain legal matters about the opium sky trades between London and China the day that I let five pigs, four cows, twelve chickens, and a nice herd of sheep loose through the building. Of course they had called the police but none dared follow me into White Chapel. Bad things happen to coppers in my district. That’s why they don’t bother bringing in the gangs.

    The man had potential but I knew all the cutoffs, the dead ends, the shortcuts, and especially some of the secret passages from some buildings to others. I lost him at the corner of Commercial and Fourier. That’s where the Ten Bells is. I should have gone in to say Hello.

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