the adventurous shenanigans of Captain Silver Steamaether

Let me tell you a story about a wonderful captain.

She was originally a scientist's daughter. Stuck in stiff corsets, and satin. Listening to men with mustaches ramble about Blue Matter..

She was 16, smart and HATED the ground.

So one day, she woke up and put on her loose corset, went to her father's basement wearing a pair of his pants and started to draw. She drew and drew and calculated and finally had a beautiful airship plan.

She took it to her friend Tressa Holmes who built the ship for her,
She thought her father would be proud. So she told him "Pappa, I made an Airship!"

And do you know what he said?

"That's horrible. Ships have already been made, and you're a lady. Go to your room. you shan't go to the next exabition.."
and she was locked in her room.

So one night, there was a hard rain. She heard her father leave for the exabition she was grounded from. And saw her way out.

She put on her pants and corset, climbed out her window with some things and left. She went to Miss Tressa's house where the ship was. It looked like a ship for the sea. But, it had large propellers on the bottom.

It was made with brass and wood, but had four giant smoke stacks jutting out of the middle like a titan made of steam.

She looked to Tressa who asked her "What is it's name"
and she said with a smile "The Pocketwatch" because it will keep up with the ticking of time.

The Pocketwatch was adorned with eight, 17 inch cannon ball cannons. And had a strong steel frame.

She said, I leave tonight. Tressa knew though, a ship of that size needed a crew, but knew the girl didn't have one. She pointed it out and she said "it's fine, I made this ship, I can run it by myself"

And with one last nod, she took off into the storm. Now, though she'd designed the ship, she'd never flown it. And really not in a storm crewless. Needless to say our pampered hero nearly wrecked into the sea twice

She managed to land roughly at a dock near London, England.

Immediately her ship was spotted by people as it was excellently crafted and beautiful to behold.

She stepped off the ship and collapsed exhausted from the flight without a crew.
when she woke, she was in the upstairs of a little bar. The apparent owner was standing over her looking worried.

When she asked about her ship, he told her it was properly docked and awaiting it's captain.

She walked back to the docks to find some people on deck of her ship. She was FURIOUS. She climbed on deck and started shouting. At first it was get off my ship. Then it was why are you here?

When she asked why they all were on her ship they pointed behind her.
She turned around and do you know who she saw?

She saw the Barkeeper and she asked him why they were here.

He told her "This is your crew, the finest people I know to help you explore the world" as he waved her off into the world of exploration she shouted " I never caught your name" he laughing and waving replied, "I'm Felix, remember, you're always welcome to the Rejected Gear"

One gentleman upon her ship was Jonx Hackney. a tall fellow with a medium build, blonde hair and blue eyes. being the gentleman he was, Jonx was one of Silver's finest and most loyal members. they were close. like brother and sister. He took care of her and she took care of him. he later became second in command. he was also close acquaintances with the majority of the crew so he knew them well, and could help Silver figure out how they ticked.

For 8 years she traveled to the world with her crew. To Tibet, and India, to Egypt and to China. She nearly froze in the Ural Mountains and relaxed for quite a while in Cuba. Finally, she started to miss home.

As she crossed the equator she saw that there were airships everywhere zipping left and right. Zeppelin style and some built in ship style like hers.
it was the Airship Race of the 1840's. The first ten ships to cross the finish line would be Her Majesty's air fleet.

Of course she joined the Race!
she wanted to be one of Her Majesty the Queen's Ships!

So after everyone practiced up they lined up. Many scoffed at our heroine because of her lack to training but the race started. Thousands of airships raced forward through high and low altitudes dodging other ships and pockets of air.

Finally the first crossed over the line. A zeppelin.
Out of thousands of ships, the Pocketwatch, an amateur made, amateur run ship, came in number seven.

She'd made it into the top ten. As with any ship that serves the queen, she had to go through months of training. But once she did she came out of classes as a certified Captain. She would run stock to soldiers mainly since she hadn't applied for military duty.

She still, every so often would go visit the Rejected Gear in London.
One day something terrible happened as she was doing a supply run, she was boxed in by black flags
For miles our heroine was boxed in by PIRATES who were trying to roll her ship!!

Soon her engine's were overheating from the lack of speed. Even worse,
they were running out of steam and starting to sink.

They herded her ship closer to the mountain ranges. The sharp jagged stone threatening her ship. Then it happened.

Do you know what happened?

She'd used up all her cannon powder and was defenceless...her ship...died.

As it started to fall she maneuvered it into a cliff face slowing the speed of the ship enough that it only killed a few of her now highly loyal crew members.

The ship crashed. It crashed hard into the rocks, splintering and exploding. Most of the members made it out but...Our heroine was nowhere to be found.

Finally while hopelessly searching through the rubble her head boiler worker moved a still hot boiler..To find the captain.

She was burnt, and broken. But alive, most of her left side was messed up and several of her organs were failing
But, as I mentioned her crew was really loyal
her head boiler used parts of the ship and fixed her.

However, she needed a break. She returned to London to the Gear. Felix greeted her with a smile and a hug. Then she met Lady Brielle. a lovely lady with her own special story.

Does the now automatonic captain have a name?
Yes, Her name, is the highly esteemed, Captain Silver Steamaether.
she now stays a lot of the time at the Gear With Felix.

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