He panted, willing his already-sore legs to keep running. He knew he shouldn’t have taken this chance, but the prize was too good to pass up, and now here he was, running from the authorities. Again.

The shouting of the police reached his ears. The darkness hid his form but the item he stole clanked from his clumsiness within it, for he donned the experimental powered armor-suit of the Theocratic State of Umbra.

He tapped into his power and willed his energy through the suit, bringing the suit’s psychic circuitry to life and connected to his psyche. He felt his power flow through the suit back into himself and out again.

Smiling, he looked for the nearest escape route. The suit restricted his mobility, so leaping to the rooftops was out of the question. He could attempt to bash his way through the guards, but that would cause more to come running.

He looked over his shoulder down the nearest alleyway. As far as he could tell, it led to one of the main roads of the city. He ran down this road, stopping to check the location of the road.

It was the north-south road of the city and he was looking south. This was his chance; if he could escape south, he could run into the Wilds and avoid the theocratic police. He took this chance and ran as fast as he could down the southward road.

For several miles he ran with the power armor, ignoring any of the terrain not within his immediate field of vision. Thus, he didn’t notice the large glowing blue light through which he ended up running.

To be continued...

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Comment by Clay Davis on July 25, 2019 at 10:23am

Very interesting.

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