The Beginning (Welcome to Steampunk's first brithday)

For those interested, this is how it all began.


grey and gear

From Timothy R. Harrison to You Sent Jan 15, 2013    


This is a mass message for everyone. Alex got hit with the ban stick, not sure why or if its permanent and I ended up being mediary.  He set up a site similar to here for the grey if things go south.  I'm getting this to everyone so hopefully it.  If you want hit me up via text 8155205253 or stalk about on facebook  I'm on site doing a client install so I'm not going to be home til later but wanted to let everyone know.


gear and the grey part duex

From Timothy R. Harrison to Captain  Thomas H…, You, Lady Abigail Pres…, Col. Wilhelm Heiz… and Octavius Brohansin Sent Jan 15, 2013    

Hey all

If you haven't noticed already, The Rejected Gear and everything related to the Alicia Grey are gone.  Why? Who the hell know. Fortunately, I saved everything in Fall of the Guilded Goddess before it was removed so we still have our work.  Alex made a new site this morning, pretty much identical to hear to where we can continue the story.

I need to clean things up and I'll have it re-posted hopefully tomorrow.  Right now, it's just Alex, Ara, and myself over there but hopefully see you blokes soon.  I'm going to continue digging to figure out what the hell happened.

This guy

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