Bo'Dean goes to the tool box, and gets his cane out. His wasn't like Dusten's, in the fact that it was made of iron wood and had a ram skull on it, while Dusten's was made of Dog Wood. Big Louie's cane was also different, as the skull head on it was also not of a human, but was of a ox. "Why are ya'll's cane different from mine; why are there different heads?" asked Dusten. Bo'Dean replied, "I have a ram because I am head strong, Big Louie has ox because he's as strong as one, and since you have a human skull, you must be favorable amongst people." Dusten said "Well I was a very friendly person back before the war, and all my war buddies and I were very close." "You're good hearted and that's rare" said Louie.

       All three jump off the tender deck onto the ground, weary of their surroundings. "Are black souls a regular thing?" Asked Dusten. "No, they just now have started coming back. Satan want's them back and sends soul hunters after them." replied Bo'Dean. Bo'Dean then said, "They've been coming out recently trying to take over the souls here, so they can try to get to heaven, and wreak havoc. They're murders, cut throats, rapist, and the like. Don't go soft on, them. We reapers, reaped them once, we can do it again." "I've never don this before" said Dusten. "tap your cane on the ground hard, and the psycfe will appear." responded Big Lou. 

      Dusten tapped the cane on the ground as hard as he could, and low and behold, a great psycfe appeared. I looked as a traditional psyfe but it the skull on top and carvings of good defeating evil. The other two did as well. "you take the right hand side of the train, I'll take the top, and Dusten you take the left hand side." said Bo'Dean. "Now since this is the 1st time using a psyfe, be aware of the fact when fighting things like this, it will turn into a flaming psyfe" responded Bo'Dean again. "How do I make it fire up" asked Dusten. Big Lou said, "It knows when to, think of it like a partner. You might also want to name it. Mine's Little Lou, and Bo'Dean's is butter knife. But as I was saying, it will know what is what." Dusten pondered, "I shall call you Havoc."

      Bo'Dean looked at him and thought "This damn boy is crazy." Down the train they went slowly, looking for signs  the black souls. A sharp scream from a lady is heard from the rear car. They dash to the coach with intense speed. Dusten get's there 1st, and swings his blade through a Black Soul. The fire from the blade turned the black soul to ash. It's exsitance perminatly erased from memory, and time. Dusten looked down at the frightened girl. "Are you ok miss?" asked Dusten. She then rushes up and grabs Dusten by the waste, and starts crying. "Now Now miss, it's alright, I'm not going to let them get you" Dusten said softly. She continued to weep. "I thought I was going to be taken to hell or erase from existence" she cried.

        Dusten inspected the black soul. They looked like a normal person, but it had piercing solid black eyes, pale almost translucent skin, and stringy hair; wearing grey tattered cloths, and worn out derby hat. CRASH! Through the windows comes another Black Soul. Dusten swings his scythe wildly at it, missing it. It goes for the girl. Dusten swings again, this time slicing right through the middle of the Black Soul. Panting, Dusten says "What in the hell have I gotten my self into."

cliff hanger, next part soon


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