Shankar walked calmly down the street to his apartment. It had been months since he had heard from Master Heizeltroff. The monkey Simon, from the bar Master Heizeltroff was so fond of, had delivered a multitude of letters as well as several packages of varying sizes. He had hidden each carefully in safe rooms, hidden vaults, and various institutions.

He gave a small groan as he unlocked his door and stepped inside. A light drizzle had begun just as he had made his way up the steps and he was finding the damp was causing old aches in his joints once more. He was not as spry these days without the serums and spells Wilhelm had used to slow his aging. Within the apartment he found comfort beside the modest fire in the hearth.

After several minutes he noticed his room was slightly off from the way he had left it. A new envelope sat upon the table as well as a small package. Using the tongs from the fire set he reached over to grasp the envelope, being unsure of the package, and brought it to him. A neat, but quick hand all to familiar had addressed the envelope to him. He swiftly opened it and scanned its contents.

My dear Shankar,

Within the package you have so carefully avoided you will find a number of vials of the serum I concocted for you. You should use one daily beginning Saturday next. In one weeks time you will find your vitality much improved. Three days from the week's finish bring the gathered correspondence to the vault within the Rejected Gear. I shall meet you there and I hope that I will find my good deeds throughout my life have not been wasted.

With pleasure,
W. A. Heizeltroff

Shankar smiled slowly as he tossed the letter in the fire, where it gave a small burst before disintegrating into ash. He had hoped such word would come soon and was glad it had. He was not sure how this plan would end but he trusted that Master Heizeltroff would have some way to come out on top.

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