Wil made his way down the hall to one of the suites in what used to be the offices of the bank. It seemed like only a few days before he had been writing the checks to the contractor for these very rooms to be built. The purchase of the bank itself had been no small fee either though he still considered it quite worth the cost.

He sat in the chair by the small desk, dropping his bag of books beside it. The research contained within those books would be of little use to him now. Until his current situation was reversed it would be impossible for him to continue. He leaned back in the chair and sighed heavily, his eyes closed as his mind began to organize itself. 'What do I have left? Assets are seized. Supplies are in the custody of the DSS. Shankar is missing, possibly captured or dead. Experimental subjects are destroyed. Communications will likely be monitored in an attempt to discern my location and any resources unknown to them. Allies are likely under surveillance. All this leaves me with little more than the my strength of will and my intelligence to rebuild an empire while avoiding the agents of several major governments.'

He grinned as he leaned forward and pulled out a pad of paper and pen and setting them on the desk. As he dipped the pen into the ink he softly muttered "Shame for them to have such a disadvantage in this game!"

Over the next several hours he penned multiple letters using his personal cipher that included a simple spell that only the intended receipient would be able to read it. Calling for Simon he waited patiently till the primate appeared. Surprisingly the monkey was not empty handed but handed over a copy of the Seven Secrets, a book written by Abe no Seimei, a sorceror from Japan who nearest equal would be Merlin himself. Wil was shocked for a moment then remembered having loaned it to Simon. "My furred friend you may well be the best help I have had in quite some time! This book may well be the answer to those prayers I have not dared even think."

Quickly he explained to Simon what he needed him to do with the bundle of letters. Moments later the precocious primate had disappeared back down the hall on his way to the post. Wil shut his door as the monkey left and settled back at the desk with the tome Simon had handed him. This was one of only four known copies of this book. Each had been hand written by the eastern sorceror himself and in it was some of the most spectacular spells the Far East had to offer the world.

'They have taken everything from me. They want a war then by all the Gods man has ever worshipped they will have one. One they will lose!' The smile on his face was one so many in the past had learned was one to be feared.

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