Since Silver was stuck on land for a while, she decided to take up residence close to the Rejected Gear. But there's two things you never let Silver get. first, you never let her get Rum, if you do, it'll never end. second, you never let Silver get bored.

That's just what happened. Whilst sitting in her room throwing things at her door she got a brilliant idea. she tugged out her Ocular with all it's magnification properties. she sat at her table and pulled out eight different pocket watches.

she got out her jewelers screwdriver's that she'd nabbed off of a sleeping T.R. Harrison while he'd been napping in the Gear. she'd return them. someday.

taking apart several watches she pulled out the main gears for six of them before starting to piece the watches back together with the small gears.

she popped open the last two, and gutted one completely pulling parts off the heater in her room she narrowed the pipes she shortened them down before putting them in her gutted watch. then attaching the main gears she reassembled the watch to have tiny pipes running through it. lighting a bit of coal she shoved it into the main dip behind the clock hands.

filling the rest of the mini reservoir she;d created with water. after a moment or two a slight hissing sound emitted from the watch and the hands when to slowly ticking away the time. Silver smiled, now she had a watch that was like her. she hooked it to her belt and  stretched. it was time to head to the gear and cause some trouble like she always did.

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Comment by Captain Lachlan Bellraven on November 3, 2013 at 5:55pm

Cool, I like how these backstories let others see our characters past, and time outside the gear.

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