The crew sat in a circle around the Ouijia board. They had cleared the big room of anything that wasn't attached to the room, all except the board, the piece used to move around the board and spell things, and many lit candles that Charlotte had placed out of, and we quote, "fun". Fink sat in the centre with the board and looked around at everyone.

    "Are we ready?"He said in his light Australian accent. No one spoke, but nodded. The educated trio, (that would be Mercurian, Roderick, and Raphael)  had put quartz crystal on a necklace and wore it for protection. Ara sat between a nervous Naomi and Emerald and shuttered when the room went cold. 

   "Does anyone else feel that?" Michelle asked. Everyone else nodded and there was a phantom like chuckle that echoed through the room. 

   "Fuck this, I'm out." Jon stood up to leave. 

   "What's wrong Jordan? Afraid of a li'ul ghosty?" Ezra chuckled until one of the candles blew out next to him. 

   "After what's happened? Is that even a question?" asked Jon rhetorically. Ezra shut up and Ara jumped a bit when another candle went out. 

   "Leander, stop it, mate. You know I'm afraid of the dark." And the candles re-lit. sorry She heard a voice apologize in her head and she frowned. "Thanks," Ara responded, "But you have to go." Suddenly, with Fink's hand on the glass moving piece, it began moving around in the form of a figure eight. "Are you doing that?" Ara asked Fink, who shook his head, a bit surprised. 

   "Roderick, start writing out letters as I call them." Fink said to Roderick who had already begun flipping to an empty page in his notepad and popping open his pen. The glass piece started dragging fink's hands to letters. 

     W-H-Y space, D-O space - Y-O-U space W-A-N-T space M-E space T-O space G-O 

   The hand stopped and Roderick read it out. Captain Charlotte looked to Arabella. 

   "You're causing troubles on the ship." Ara responded, "You know, sometimes I'd use your memory as a way of helping myself and there were times when your ghost did help me. Or I think there were times when I needed your guidance and you were with me. but now, you're breaking things. You're being violent. And we can't accommodate your vengeful attitude or boredom. You have to leave."  there was a pause in the room and Fink's hand started moving again. 

    J-U-S-T  space W-A-N-T space I-T space T-O space B-E space L-I-K-E space O-L-D space T-I-M-E-S  

        Roderick read it out. Ara looked to the ground. "But it can't be. Leander, you're stuck as the kid I was taken away from. I've grown up and the jokes that used to make us laugh, now make me hurt. We've been having a really rough time on the Widow and you're not making it easier." 

      Y-O-U space M-E-A-N space L-E-F-T space B-E-H-I-N-D 

     "Can you clarify?" 

      Y-O-U space S-T-A-Y-E-D space H-E-R-E space Y-O-U-R-S-E-L-F space S-T-O-P space P-R-E-T-E-N-D-I-N-G space Y-O-U-R-E space S-T-I-L-L spaced K-I-D-N-A-P-P-E-D 

      "I'm sorry." Ara called out around the room. "I'm sorry about it all. I know we had plans but I can't change that now. Stop acting like it can be like it was. You're dead. We can't start this over. You're dead. I love you and I'll see you someday when I die but you're dead now and I'm alive and you're just making things worse for yourself by reminiscing on things that can't happen again. I care about you Leander, I always have. I always loved you but it pains me to watch you torment yourself and others this way. It hurts, it hurts really bad. You'll be at peace if you just let it go. I'll see you again someday. We'll do this again when I die and we're on the same plane of existence but my crew's been taking a lot of my shit lately and you're adding to the stress. For both of our sakes, just let go." 

          and that was it. With a breath of air that seemed to spread out and dissolve from the room, and Fink's arm back in his control, that was it. Leander was gone. and with a breath of air, it was time for a damn vacation.

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