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Neko Zujihan posted a status
"I managed to post my studio video on the site--"
Sep 29
Agnes Mckenna updated their profile
Sep 28
cal bates updated their profile
Sep 27
Neko Zujihan posted a video
Sep 27
Neko Zujihan posted a photo
Sep 27
Neko Zujihan posted a status
"I am attempting to load a short video tour of my studio--"
Sep 27
cherry wilhelm updated their profile
Sep 25
P. Aloysius Regnad commented on P. Aloysius Regnad's blog post Another (minor) coincidence from the CR&A universe.
"      OK, being pretty much stuck indoors, except for the absolutely necessary tasks of acquiring food, or retrieving my mail, is really beginning to make me very unhappy.  About all I can do to combat this are things…"
Sep 20
Captain liked P. Aloysius Regnad's blog post Confederate currency mystery solved.
Sep 20
P. Aloysius Regnad posted a blog post

Confederate currency mystery solved.

      For a number of reasons (see here), I've been collecting replica Confederate currency for some time.  Most of these bills include pictures of real people, mainly important individuals from general American history, or Confederate leaders of the time.  It wasn't too difficult to identify who they were, except for one of them.…See More
Sep 19
P. Aloysius Regnad commented on P. Aloysius Regnad's blog post Steampunk props: #1 - Replica coins and currency
"      In case anyone's interested, as of August, 2020, the inventory of the primary net vendor of the plain paper Confederate and southern states currency mentioned above is pretty much sold out, and it looks like they…"
Sep 19
D.Q. Waterhouse updated their profile
Sep 6
Sir Jack Dubigail posted a status
"They have had many decades to position their pawns and unleash their horrors upon us. Ahh too go back in time."
Sep 4
Sir Jack Dubigail posted a status
"I will be amazed to see anything in the following year, unless the EVIL is removed from this fair country."
Sep 4
Captain updated an event

SteamPunk Naval Expedition (8th Annual SteamPunk Cruise) Ft Lauderdale at Ft Lauderdale, FL

March 7, 2021 at 9am to March 14, 2021 at 6:15pm
For those not familiar with the SteamPunk Cruises so far this will be the 8th since the 2020 SP Cruise was cancelled. FastDeal       43278 7 nights departing March 7, 2021 on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas Brochure Inside    $732 Our Inside    $714     Brochure Oceanview    $809 Our Oceanview    $772 Brochure Balcony    $866 Our…See More
Sep 3
Captain commented on Captain's event Big River SteamPunk Festival
"Despite the cancellation there might be a costumed meetup at the Hannibal Museum Saturday.  See their FB page for current information."
Sep 3


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Top Content 

1 Neko's Studio Tour

Neko's Studio Tour

Added by Neko Zujihan on September 27, 2020

2 Confederate currency mystery solved.

Confederate currency mystery solved.

Added by P. Aloysius Regnad on September 19, 2020

3 KiyVolumes-SeminolePride


Added by Neko Zujihan on September 27, 2020

Blog Posts

Net Neutrality! IMPORTANT

Posted by Lady Brielle Serra on November 22, 2017 at 7:30pm 1 Comment

Hey all! If the vote against net neutrality passes, little websites like ours will be in trouble. Unless we pay big money we don't have preferential treatment, welcometosteampunk will run unbearably slow if we can even reach it! Please go to the following link and make the calls and sign the petition!

Dorian Grey: Sexual Tension (Or Lack There Of)

Posted by Arabella Porter on January 26, 2014 at 7:09pm 2 Comments

                  "You're rich enough to live and stay in the posh areas yet you buy your own private building in Whitechapel for parties." Ara leaned casually on the door frame when Dorian Grey opened the door. "You get younger by the year”, she smiles mischievously.  Dorian, clad in a fine grey suit, chuckles. Brielle stands just behind Ara, white faced. Tugging on her sleeve,

Death's Keeper, Sgt. Mac...

Posted by Sgt. Ian MacBrooke on March 30, 2014 at 9:37pm 0 Comments

     I suppose I could always start at the beginning, but nearly recent history is more palatable to the masses. Besides, a rather mediocre childhood and education all aside, life becomes more interesting after we start making our own choices. My first truly self-made decision to join the military and make something of myself started off much like anyone else's. I arrived at the Army recruiter's office, signed my 'Hancock' to paper, kissed the Queen's picture and took the shilling. I was…


A meeting of the minds

Posted by Wilhelm A. Heizeltroff on March 30, 2014 at 11:30pm 6 Comments

Wilhelm sighed as he moved a the knight into position on the chess board. He knew his gambit would not gain him more than three more moves but it was still better than his second opponent. It was only two more moves until he was in checkmate. The game between the opponents was still undecided. 

Times like this reminded him that, in nearly every field, the two men opposite him were his superior. Their minds moved in ways that could not fathom, even with nearly three decades of life…



Birthdays Tomorrow



Need help with some leather working

Started by Thorn E Martinek in General Chat Apr 25. 0 Replies

Hello all, I have a bit of a leather working conundrum.  I am making a functional respirator mask,  and the center seam is a curved V that I want to stitch edge to edge.  I'm planning to use a cross…Continue

Tags: question, advice, help, stitching, leather

Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley, Frank Butler, Sitting Bull, Lillian Smith, et al.

Started by P. Aloysius Regnad in General Chat Mar 3. 0 Replies

      I suppose Buffalo Bill (William F. Cody) is the person who ties everyone in the title together, so I listed him first.  I believe all of these people qualify for an entry in the…Continue

Tags: annie, oakley, sitting, bull, bill



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